Sunday, April 19, 2015

Case Example

Got a new client in the door the other day and I thought I would share some of the findings and our thought process.

Client is a 40 year old male with a 5 handicap.  He came in for work on flexibility, balance, and strength to hit the ball farther.

This is what his swing looks like at the top of his backswing:

Observations and Findings: 

1) Decreased control observed and mild weakness reported with left lower extremity lunges. 
2) Decreased control and balance on left lower extremity noted with balance tests.
3) Limited internal rotation motion left hip due to hip joint stiffness and tight hip muscles.
4) Tight and stiff left foot.

Decreased balance, strength and control of left lower extremity compromises stable foundation for backswing and ability to maximize load of muscles in lower extremity to maximize load of backswing for club speed, ball speed, power, distance, control and accuracy. Left lower extremity motion restrictions may be influencing upper half of body to compensate in backswing (overswing tendency).

Objective measures from Evaluation Session:

Ball Speed: 109.8 MPH

Carry Distance: 151.66 Yards

The client was given an exercise program which he performed for 1 week, underwent his first training session after 1 week of independent exercise, and then was measured again.

Ball Speed: 120.0 MPH

Carry Distance: 171.05 Yards

After 1 week, this client gained 10.2 MPH on his swing and 19.39 yards of carry distance!! Can you say incredible?

We will continue on and report as we go.

As always, hit 'em long, hit 'em straight, and optimize your body to optimize your game!

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